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GADMO (Gadgets-Apps-Development-Marketing-Opensource)  is dedicated for  techno freaks, followers and maniacs.  This blog has been set up with a sole purpose to cater News, Reviews, Tips & Tricks and Tutorials for Gadgets, Apps, Development, Marketing and Opensource. If you eat, sleep and breathe technology, GADMO is for you.

About Jay Paudyal

Jay Paudyal is the Founder and Editor at Gadmo. He has 20 years of experience in the IT industry and has successfully failed and established many businesses and startups all united with one thread – the Internet. These days, Jay is into multiple ventures like Domain Name Investment, Telephonic Language Training, Software Product Development, E-commerce, Astrology, Semi-Precious Stones, Legal Aid Services, Publishing Text & Videos online and Internet Governance.
Jay is also an active member of Neo-Brahmi Generation Panel under IDN Programs of ICANN. He acts as a consultant on this panel for making LGR (Label Generation Rules) as specified by ICANN, supporting it with the on-boarding process. He is also an ICANN Fellow alumni.

Few more categories have been added to GADMO :

  • Cyber Security
  • Social Media
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