Kali – The Best OS for Security and Hacking

Kali Linux, a Linux distribution is an Operating System for Penetration Testing and Digital Forensic. The creator of Kali Linux demands Kali as more established, secure and endeavor-ready version of BackTrack Linux OS. Kali is developed, distributed and funded by Offensive Security, the leading security expert of the Security Industry. Kali is the one tool of choice for penetration testing and security auditing.

Security is one key feature of Internet world. The whole of the Internet and Electonics is dingling at the backbone of security when hacker clam that, “security is a joke”. However, that does not mean that there is no way out because with tools like Kali OS at your disposal, you can figure all sides of joke and even create your own joke.

Kali – The Best OS for Security and Hacking

Kali Linux built on the backbone of Debian distribution seems no different than most of other Linux distributions supporting same packages and running on the same kernel, but come bundled with security features and tools for penetration testing, security auditing and digital forensics. One of the main feature of Kali is it is designed to provide images of OS for all classes of hardwares – primarily focused on ARM based machines, and this list is growing every month.

On top of that, Kali Linux comes preinstalled with nearly 600 different tools for Pentesting and Digital Forensic make it one choice for Hackers and Security Professionals. These tools are categorized and organized in universally desired fashion, and the tools from BackTrack are updated.

Take for instance, tools like Proxy Strike are updated and Grendel-scan is removed. The documentation of tools are inbuilt in most cases, but are also available over simple Google search.

What’s New in Kali Linux?

  1. Root access as desired is a feature that allows us to enable root privilege to tools when required.
  2. The kernel is patched for wireless inject and upgraded.
  3. It comes bundled with minimal set of repositories of trust and serious security reasons.
  4. Features that are malicious for OS are replaced like Bluetooth.
  5. Kali Linux contains sysvinit, the hooks that disable network services by default ensuring distribution security.
  6. Kali Linux is completely free like BackTrack. Free for forever.
  7. Kali Linux offers multiple language support allowing more native users.
  8. The OS is completely customizable as per design even at kernel level.

Why Should You Choose Kali Linux?

The foremost reason is Kali Linux has awesome active community support to tackle all bugs and errors. On top of that, Kali gives you Kali Forums, Bug Tracker System, Tool Listing, IRC Channels and so much more. And guess what? The unsurpassed methodology to tackle hacking is though security, and Kali Linux is one of the project from Offensive Security. The document for Kali Linux is well oriented and designed is a much easier for everyone to cope up. Most of all, it’s the best and free.

If you’re a security professional or is looking forward to be one, than Kali Linux should be your first preference. What are you waiting for? Go explore kali: https://www.kali.org/, and we bet you security!


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