Tips for choosing Security question and answer

Lack of security can possibly end up in Identity fraudulent, defamatory and derogatory statements. Security questions are one of the questions asked by many websites before delivering or serving any important or confidential information. First of all choose tough and uncommon security questions. Secondly, try to keep your security question’s answer as illogical as possible which is hard to figure out. Like if you have chosen your security question say for example – “What’s your birth  of place?”, your answer shouldn’t be your actual place of birth (moreover, it should not be any place name) else it should be as illogical to think and not at all connected with the question.

Here are few examples of security questions and their illogical answer * :

Q : What was your childhood nickname?

A : Helicopter

Q : What’s your place of birth?

A : NASA Lab

Q : Who is your favorite actor?

A : Road-Side Beggars

Questions asked by many website are public facts about a person like place of birth, favorite food etc. They are simple to guess for hackers or other identity thieves. Sometimes user creates illogical  answers to the questions, and then forgets the answer. So, keep in mind, if you are changing your real answer to illogical ones, try to keep remember also.

Note : Please do not chose above mentioned answer as answer of your security question, because this is a public article.


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