Top 10 Tools for Pentesting

Oh yes! Hacking is happening every second. Some hackers might be using your system resource right now. There is no doubt that Pentesting is the only solution because Pentesting lets you hack into system like hackers do to discover all loopholes and vulnerabilities. However, selecting the right tool for the purpose of Pentesting is the most important factor of all, and therefore, we bring you the top tools for Pentesting.


#1 Tool for Pentesting – Metasploit

Metasploit is an Open Source platform for writing, testing and exploiting payloads and exploit codes. It comes bundled with thousands of pre-defined exploits for various purposes, and thereby making it efficiently easy for us to write exploit shell-codes for testing. Nevertheless, the distribution was free unless it was acquired by Rapid7 in 2009 after which the free version was limited.

#2 Tool for Pentesting – Nmap

Nmap is a Open Source Network Mapper and Vulnerability Scanner for detecting open ports, hosts, operating system, software and hardware versions falling under information gathering and mapping target network from raw IP data packets, and are also sometimes used for escalating user privilege from in-build scripting feature.

#3 Tool for Pentesting – John The Ripper

John The Ripper is the most powerful tool for cracking password with dictionary attack, by simply encrypting the sample text from dictionary file with the key in a desired format and comparing the output to determine password.

#4 Tool for Pentesting – Wireshark

Wireshark is a multi-purpose and multi-platform network protocol analyzer that allows use to control each data packet interacting between server and client from a live network. The data packets can be filtered and re-constructed as desired over several protocols and media types.

#5 Tool for Pentesting – AirCrack-ng

AirCrack-ng is basically designed to audit wireless network, but commonly used for cracking ad-hoc network with WEP and WPA-PSK encryption from captured data packets. AirCrack is considered to be the fastest wireless network cracking tool.

#6 Tool for Pentesting – SQL Map

SQL Map is an Open Source penetration testing tool for automatic the process of exploiting SQL injection vulnerabilities for web interfaces and productions. SQL Map is a powerful tool that lets us execute SQL Queries and commands to a remote system from the list of pre-defined cheat sheet.

#7 Tool for Pentesting – Nessus

Nessus is a vulnerability scanner designed for UNIX system used to discover all loopholes with features to check remote and local integrity with authentication and great extensibility to write your own plugin. The application was a free and open source, but recently closed access to source code.

#8 Tool for Pentesting – Cain and Abel

Cain and Abel is one cool windows tools for multiple purpose, be it – cracking password encryption, sniffing the network from poisoning the ARP, dictionary attack, brute-force attack, recording VoIP conversation, analyzing routing protocols and so much more. One tool every hacker make use of!

#9 Tool for Pentesting – Maltego

Maltego is an Open Source forensic tool to establish, cumulative and visualize all types of information jumbled into one application for easy reference and tracking. Maltego basically offers data mining and collecting functionality with much easier representation of information in an easiest way to cope.

#10 Tool for Pentesting – Burp Suit

Burp Suit is a web vulnerability scanner that is commonly used for enumerating and mapping parameters over web pages and achieves automated attacks on vulnerable web application, but offers several other features, as in proxy, authentication, expandability and so forth. Burp Suit offers complete control over data sent from client browser to server.


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