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Social Networking Script

You don’t want to miss the opportunity to become a cyber billionaire. Just think, you (yes you) can be the next Zuckerberg. Sounds good but sumptuous one. Don’t worry, you don’t have to immolate your bank balance or assets like other successful (obviously some have undergone failure) business moguls of early decade did.

You can kick-start your own social networking site for merely US$ 299. If you want to add some cool stuff, then you have to pay $30/$40 for each plugin. Script + All plugins would cost you US$ 669 for one life time license with un-encrypted source code and it would be privately labeled.

I have Googled for the best social networking script and found one of the best script on net called SocialEngine. SocialEngine is the best way to create your own custom social networking site. It will help you to connect your friends, fans or customers around the things they love. No programming or design skills required. This could be launched in minutes.

Here is the list of some of the features of SocialEngine, which I have scrapped from SocialEngine’s website :

Instant Community

Launch your community in minutes, or take as much time as you need to customize and personalize it. We’ll help you make it awesome.

Twitter & Facebook

Your community members can easily sign in and post on your community from other social networks like Twitter and Facebook.

It’s All Yours

If you decide to move or sell your community in the future, we make it easy to download your content and member data. It’s yours.

Built-in CMS

Use SocialEngine to power your entire website, or just a community section. Our simple content manager makes it easy either way.

Likes and Upvotes

You decide how your members will interact. Use “up/downvotes” for larger interest-based sites, and “likes” for more personal groups.

Privacy & Moderation

Your community can be open to the public, invite-only, or private. You can also assign moderators to help you manage your site.

PHP Source Code Access

With SocialEngine PHP, you get the complete, unencrypted source code so you can make any customizations you need.

500+ Add-ons

Our growing developer community has created more than 500 add-ons and themes that work with your SocialEngine PHP installation.

For more detail you can visit SocialEngine’s website by clicking here.




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