Everything You Need To Know About Google Chrome OS

Google Chrome OS like Chrome Browser is an Internet focused operating system which is light weighted with effective security architecture.

The Chrome OS update is one exceptional feature bundled with apps for various purposes with early-updates without affecting the original operation. The list of features bundled with Chrome OS is exceptionally overwhelming, and sure did make a mark upon the Internet. However, Chrome OS is basically designed for your Netbook and is in no way intended to replace your traditional OS.

Know Your Chrome OS

Guess what? Chrome OS is simply a browser containing apps that like – Gmail, Google Drive, Google Docs, and so forth. Nothing fancy! These are simple applications bundled to your browser designed for specific purposes like email, texting and social media.


The prime focus of Chrome OS was speed and efficiency, and that’s what it exactly offers. From page loading to switching from hibernation, Google shows utmost efficiency. The updates are automatically updated without interrupting the browser original use and without affecting the overall performance. Browsing is smoother with Chrome OS.


Don’t confuse yourself to think Chrome OS as an operating system, although, it is an operating system for the Internet that provides applications at browser-end for easy access and maintenance. Basically, it’s a browser that operates like an OS of its own.


Chrome will make sure that you’re completely up-to-date. The moment you log on to your notebook, Chrome will make sure to update all necessary changes that are automatically downloaded and installed without interrupting other operations. It is as such designed that if something is wrong, then that shall not affect others.


Google’s prime focus was Security. For the reason, Chrome keep yourself updated with the latest security patches and updates along with all other necessary security features to help you protect your data over the internet with encryption over request and response.


Chrome is although a Linux-based operating system, but offers Chrome browser like features and functionalities. Apps are designed for the browser to run in the browser environment completely independent from the OS. Technically, Chrome OS don’t even include traditional libraries that come bundled along with other Linux distribution.

More About Chrome OS

Chrome OS is like living in the browser as you need not access many of local storage and features like – Web Docs for word processing, Cloud for storage with apps like Dropbox and Google Drive, Pixlr for photo editing and so forth. However, Google is still struggling over some crucial features like media editing application support for web-centric use and similar.

The idea behind Chrome OS is to replicate the native operation and functionalities offered by the traditional OS while keeping the light-weight, security and easy-of-use. However, chrome works only on specific hardware configuration for efficiency that can be cost-effective and Google dependent.

But however, if you’re internet savvy and if the features offered from Google satisfies your need, then Chrome OS is the right option for you. With Chrome OS, everything you need is at your disposal over Internet browser. Chrome lets your carry everything as you walk everywhere. So, what’s your next choice?


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