Securing WordPress for Beginners – Must read tips before starting

-> Choose some other username for admin other than admin

-> Use strong password for login

-> Use shell access to uploading anything as opposed to FTP

-> Never ever install plugins/theme from other than library

-> Put a blank index.html in your plugin directory

-> Block wp-admin access using htaccess

-> Never use 777 permission

-> Block wp-folders in robot.txt

-> Do not use prefix wp_ for tables (though it will prevents your site from newbie hacker only)

-> Remove <meta name=”generator” content=”WordPress 3.2.1″ /> from header.php using (Theme Editor)

-> Choose a reputed hosting provider

-> Regularly update WordPress, Plugin and Theme

-> Keep backup-backup-backup

-> Hiding error message at WP login (because it shows if your username is wrong or password is wrong)

-> Disable directory browsing


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